About the leafsnack tutorial

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About the leafsnack tutorial

Post by VKV FR »

New tutorial from leafsnack: https://boardgamearena.com/tutorial?gam ... torial=698

Congratulations, it's a very good tutorial. I love the ilustrations!

Some comments:
- When showing how resources are counted, explicitely precise that there are 3 blue animal resources because of the one on the flipped card on the left bottom corner.
- On the gold card close up, replace "its cost" by "its requirements"
- "Speaking of which, notice how each card has at least one closed corner": I think that's not accurate, there are cards with no closed corner.
- I never play the starting card flipped, as it's much better to benefit from the central resources. Therefore, I would not have used that option in the tutorial (but it's not a big deal to leave it like that!).
- There is an image on the "Two common objectives cards have been dealt" step but it's not related to common objectives cards.
- After playing the red card, we are missing a step to draw a card. We are required to play a flipped card but there are only 2 cards displayed! It's only when clicking the "flip cards" button that the blue card appears again.
- The places where the second and third blue cards should be played are not explicitely displayed (but it's required to play the cards there to continue).
- When explaining how objectives score, it's crucial to precise that each card can only be counted once to score each objective. For instance, a series of 4 blue cards following the pattern would only score once and not twice.
- "The game ends when a player reaches +20vp, at which point objectives will be scored". I suggest: "The game ends when a player reaches at least 20 points. After one final turn, objectives will be scored."

As a side note, I have translated your tutorial to French.
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Re: About the leafsnack tutorial

Post by Merrypaws »

It looks like a very clear, and beautiful, tutorial.

Unfortunately, I only progressed as far as the panel to select private objective when the tutorial froze and would not allow me to complete the selection. The “quit tutorial” button did not work either.

Using iPad / OS 13.6.1 / Safari Tried twice, same each time.

I tried to raise it as a bug, but the bug reporting system offered only reporting a website bug or bug in a specific game on a specified table.
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