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Lewis & Clark Tutorial

Posted: 15 March 2022, 00:18
by Jonathan2004
Hello fellows !

I published a tutorial for the big game "Lewis & Clark", in alpha version for now: ... torial=790

- 43 slides with 8 interactive action steps.
- comments are welcome
- it has been a lot of work

BUGS i noticed myself in this tutorial (maybe related to how the game is implemented ?)
- step 17 (first interactive action) : the game gives an error but if you redo the same it's ok
- step 20 and all other action turns : if the user doesn't click EXACTLY what is asked, the game is blocked and gives an error even if the user redo all the asked actions.
- step 31 (and other village actions): i cannot put border highlight on relative board space or the game will say "Space is occupied" when user click.

I may be forced to make these steps automatic "Continue" for the sake of the walkthrough ?

Re: Lewis & Clark Tutorial

Posted: 15 March 2022, 09:10
by RicardoRix
the tutorial was great.

unfortunately, I couldn't get passed the 1st action, take 2 furs, tried like 10 times.

I think I spotted 1 spelling mistake, there was an extra 's' on a word.
Mild suggestion would be that there was a lot of explaining before taking the 1st action.
But anyway 10/10. It was looking really good up to that point!