One player for Tapestry on BGA

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One player for Tapestry on BGA

Post by jim4games »

Can a single player play this game on BGA? Seems to be conflicting information about it on BGA. If a single player can play, how do I set it up? When I go to configure it, it says 2 player minimum requirement. I have set up some other single player games on BGA in the past. I believe it has to be in training mode only. Thanks for any guidance!
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Re: One player for Tapestry on BGA

Post by Ez0ah »

The solo mode for Tapestry hasn’t been implemented.
The conflicting information come from the description of the game, which refers to the physical version. I really hope they clarify this one day.
If you ever have other games with conflicting info like this one, about a BGA implementation, always refers to the number of players listed as info (with player count, approximate duration and complexity on the game page).
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