Tykanie vs vykanie

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Tykanie vs vykanie

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Dnes som zmenil "Vy" na "Ty". Aj som o tom čosi napísal v diskusii
Cannot omit the $(you) string from translation, but it translates to a wrong form of "you" in Slovak for instance
Kopírujem tento príspevok sem, keďže sa to týka slovenčiny.

Today I've changed the Slovak translation of "You" from "Vy" to "Ty" in the BGA main page section. I think it fits better.

There is also a related topic in german group for translators "Du oder Sie?" The german problem;)
Their recomandation is:
"Sie" wäre einfach viel zu formell, zumal ich die User hier eher progressiv und jung einschätze.
It means use more familiar version instead of the more polite version.

Maybe we can unify also the translated strings in BGA main page in this way.

Možno by stálo za to prekopať aj iné preklady v tomto duchu.
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