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Re: balance dice rolls

Post by Tharnduil »

I am a subscriber and my dice rolls are TERRIBLE!!! so if there is such a thing then I somehow missed the que.

For context here is my last Catan Game where my key numbers are 8 and 5:

So please keep your conspiracy guesses out of a quality board gaming site.
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Re: balance dice rolls

Post by Stroom »

There are 36 combinations for 2 dice. If you want to see a good even distribution 90% of the time, you'd have to roll maybe 360 times. One game lasts about 70 rolls. So you're probably going to see weird distributions maybe 50% of the time or more. This is how the game is and you should not think of Catan like a heavily skill-involved game.
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Re: balance dice rolls

Post by taiwanhi »

Using dice card (an official feature) could stop 99% complaint of unfair dice in this game. I think they can offer this option.
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Re: balance dice rolls

Post by DaMom65 »

i agree, and this would answer for this game but this is an ongoing issue for dice games on this site. i still think they would do best by making a big deal out of putting in a different random dice roller and make all the trolls happy that way...or as happy as trolls get...
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