Is there a way to encourage more 'pick up' games?

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Is there a way to encourage more 'pick up' games?

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When a game gets fully released on BGA, I often see that for the first few weeks it's super-easy to find folk to play with. People are curious and a bunch of people will be ready to play against you.

But soon, there might be fewer folk playing. Anyone wanting to play a game with a random person will struggle. And then fewer folk will try to start a game. And then an even-smaller proportion are able to start a game. The death spiral begins and then the game fades into obscurity.

I am delighted to see a few folk who seem to have fallen in love with Coupell. Some partners keep playing together, which makes sense. The game is very much about consideration for each other and it's probably more enjoyable when you know what can be left unsaid, and you are able to assume that your partner will be able to 'see' some things.

But is there a way that I can encourage more opportunities for folk to play?

Your suggestions are appreciated.
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