Has anyone claimed first place?

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Has anyone claimed first place?

Post by McDok »

I made second place when I scored around 350 pts. But I've had some wild luck, I'm in the 400's which I never saw as likely..... and I'm still in second place. Cribbage is predominantly luck (it acknowledges this in BGA's descriptor), but I'm puzzled that while I made it from 9th to 7th place by gaining nine points, and then 7th to 5th and 5th to 3rd place by successive nine point wins, once I achieved second place.... it's been over fifty points since then, and no change in the placement.

I ask this not from sour grapes... I enjoy a good game first and foremost; is it possible that someone is manipulating the game? Two different friends who play Cribbage with me have independently suggested that it may be that there is someone throwing games for the first place player to achieve an insurmountable lead. As laughable as that would be (better to lose with honour than to succeed by fraud), is there a way to check how many points the first place holder has?

Before there are responses to this that suggest that I'm not thinking about fair play, I am. It's why I am asking the question. I am not saying that this i the case at all. But I am asking if this kind of thing is possible.
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Re: Has anyone claimed first place?

Post by Jellby »

Isn't your question answered by visiting https://boardgamearena.com/gamepanel?game=cribbage, and in the "Ranking" section clicking on "Current Season" to change it to "All-time"?
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Re: Has anyone claimed first place?

Post by RavenNaumann »

All players' game stats are accessible through their profiles, and yes you can see the all-time list through the link posted in the previous comment.
So I just took a quick look at the first-place player's stats and compared them to my own, just for shizzes and gigs.
I saw that we've played approximately the same amount of games (me 820 vs them 771) but when I look at our opponents I noticed that while the most times I had ever played against one particular player was 26 games, this other first-place player had already played against one specific opponent 219 times. Again, to compare, I had won 65% of the matches against my most frequent opponent, (one of the reasons I enjoy playing against them :P ) while this first-place player won 84% of their matches against the player with whom they played 219 games.
These are just the numbers that I can see, and I'm not sure that this means anything at all, other than if you find someone you can beat frequently, play against that person a lot and your stats are sure to rise!
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