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Open information variant

Post by PeacefulOctopus »

The farmers expansion has following variant:

B. The Gamers’ variant. Workers a player receives at
the beginning of the game are placed behind the player
screen as usual, as are any workers taken from the bag,
for example after activating the alehouse, brewer, inn or
tavern. Any other workers: namely those obtained from
boats, losing bids, the player’s own village at the end of a
season or any green workers (not drawn from the bag) are
placed in front of the player’s screen. Skill tiles and wheat
tiles are also kept in front of the player’s screen. Skill tiles
may be kept face down if they are received face down.
This will result in a much more intense and challenging
game and should only be adopted if all the players agree.

I was wondering if this could also be added as an option to the base game?
With the log, this is quasi open information anyway. Why not make it more convenient if the players choose to?
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