Rook doesn't override Keypad?

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Rook doesn't override Keypad?

Post by Swandog »

I tried to use my Rook power to move a teammate into a Keypad. But my teammate had to roll to complete the move, and failed, so they didn't move.

The Rook's power says

"ignore move costs such as those from Deadbolt and Laser"

does that mean it only applies to things that ask you to specifically spend extra Move actions, and not the Keypad?
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Re: Rook doesn't override Keypad?

Post by Bootsiebewts »

Correct, the Rook's Orders ability only allows you to ignore additional movement costs so anything requiring more than 1 action to move.

In the rule book it specifies more than the character card: "Once per turn, spend 1 action to Move
another player 1 tile. That player ignores additional movement costs, such as Deadbolts or Lasers. Follow all other Moving rules normally, including unrevealed tiles, Stairs, and other movement effects. Apply all other tile effects normally. If that player Moves onto a locked Keypad, roll as normal using 1 die."
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