Great Adaptation

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Great Adaptation

Post by Nansquee »

In a post about another topic, theAudsmustbeCrazy made the comment that it is a great job adapting this game for online.

I haven't been on BGA that long and have only played 12 different games so I am no expert. But this is one of the more complex ones that I have played and I just want to echo that compliment. Not that I have complaints about other games.

I just made that comment in the chat in a game we just finished. One of the specific things I noticed was how smoothly the arrangement of the cards on a player's own area is changed with the addition of new parks, etc. That is just one of MANY amazing details about the game play.

Do I infer correctly that YOU are the person who did that programming, Mogri? If so, kudos to you!!
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Re: Great Adaptation

Post by Mogri »

Yes, I did the interface. You're very kind. Kayvon is responsible for the server-side code, which is less visible but no less important.
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