Missing information in layout

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Missing information in layout

Post by JelleFresen »

I feel like there is some information missing in the layout of 7 Wonders on BGA, although perhaps I just haven't found how to reveal it yet.

When looking at the cards other players have played, I can see just the card color and the main effect. However, I can't see the name of the building or it's chain. That is quite useful information and as far as I know you can see those things in a real life game, so I would assume it should be displayed on the digital variant too. See the attached screenshot for clarification.

I tried both tapping and long pressing my opponents cards, neither of which revealed more information. I couldn't find a game log either, if perhaps there I could find which card they played. I couldn't think of any other interaction that might bring up the info. Am I still missing something, is this information hidden on purpose or is this something that needs to be fixed?
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Re: Missing information in layout

Post by RicardoRix »

If you hover over the blue '3' icon you have circled, then you'll get a very large tooltip of the card and text.

The cards played are also detailed in the game log.

Looks like you're playing on mobile/tablet so you'll have to figure out how to get to the tooltips and view the game log.
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Re: Missing information in layout

Post by Cos- »

BGA says it is designed to work on desktop/laptop and not for mobile, but _most_ of it works well enough on mobile that it's possible not to realize it's not designed to support mobile. But this is one of those quirks where it really does poorly on mobile. As far as I've been able to figure out, there isn't any way to get the mouseover tooltips for already-played cards in 7 wonders on any of the mobile browsers I've tried. You _can_ get the mouseover tooltips for cards in your hand, but it's tricky and finicky and difficult to do.

As a workaround, what I have done sometimes on mobile is go to the replay or the log to see what they played on past turns - that way at least I can see the name of the card, and then look it up by name below. This would be too slow if you're playing real time, only practical if it's turn-based.

On laptop/desktop of course it's easy. Just hover the mouse over any card, played or unplayed, to see full details.
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Re: Missing information in layout

Post by clxt »

I play on mobile, when I press like 1 second on a played card I get all the informations of that card... I see no probleme here.
(I'm using Firefox lite or Fennec on Android)
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