Unsure of Homer interaction

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Unsure of Homer interaction

Post by NateMB »

Screenshot of my wonder + homer. I take the fact that I have only 2 happy faces to mean Homer is not considered its own card anymore, so the wonder buffing all other happy faces doesn't apply to him. Just want to make sure this is intended and not a bug.
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Re: Unsure of Homer interaction

Post by TearsOfJupiter »

It's working according to the rules. The appendix of the Code of Laws (i.e., the rules of the game) state the following for Homer:

"Treat the wonder with Homer's happy face as though there was one extra happy face printed on it. (Michelangelo benefits from that happy face. St. Peter's Basilica adds a happy face to that wonder, but not two extra faces if the wonder already had one.)"

As St. Peter's itself says, "each other card or worker that gives you at least one happy face now gives you an extra 1 happy face." Since Homer is the same as printing an extra happy face on St. Peter's and St. Peter's only works with cards besides itself, Homer under St. Peter's should only give a total of 2 happy faces (the one printed on St. Peter's and the extra one added by Homer) but not 3 happy faces.
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