Anecdotal bad luck with the Alchemists?

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Anecdotal bad luck with the Alchemists?

Post by poserLX »

Just looking to get other people's experience to make sure that what I'm experience is just anecdotal and not a problem with the RNG for the current (August 2022) adjustment for the Alchemists.

I've played them a handful of times recently, and as far as I can recall, I bust immediately every time I go for a second roll of the die for their civ ability. Maybe I was able to get a second result in somewhere, but I can't remember. It just seems like I can't get any other result when I push my luck.

What about you? Have you had better luck when you pushed for a second die roll with the current Alchemists?
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Re: Anecdotal bad luck with the Alchemists?

Post by FletchLives »

I don't chose this Civ often, but when I have played it, I don't always bust on the second time. And I've seen others play it somewhat regularly, and roll 3 times and get clear. So unless you've offended the Alchemy Gods, hopefully it's just a small sampling of bad luck.

But you raise a good point. My bad luck is when i conquer the center island -- I feel like I roll the ? and lose a resource about 95% of the time ... make that 98% of the time. And when I play NLHE and have KK, there's an A on the flop 98% of the time. And these are not small samples. :-) (And I'm only half kidding about the center island roll ...)
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