Winter of Games 2022 Calendar!

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Winter of Games 2022 Calendar!

Post by DrClick »

Here you'll be able to search all the games released during the 2022 event!

That's it! Winter has come!

That is why we decided to release a LOT of GAMES that were simply waiting for you.

31 of them, one for every day, for 1 full month.

Releasing 1 or 2 games each week is too weak of a rhythm for us to show off all of the wonderful games we have in stock.

That's why starting from the 1st of December, you will be able to discover ONE new game A DAY.
And by new game, we mean games "that were not OFFICIALLY RELEASED." (Beta or Alpha, we see you. Yes you...)

As we want to bring them to your attention, we made a sort of "minigame" out of it, called "THE CALENDAR"... (which should be quite popular for most of our long-time users). It is, basically, a calendar. The formula might be familiar to you if you were using BGA last year.

Everyday, on the right part of the front page (or below the newsfeed if you scroll on mobile) you will see a Gift box to uncover.
You click on it, it opens, and it shows the game release of the day.
That's it.

If you click the newly released game EACH day, you will unlock achievements to beautify your account. Unique. Beautiful.

Will you be able to collect them ALL if you miss a single of the 30 days? Nope.
That's a challenge.
It's all up to you.

NB: the calendar is on Paris time (UTC+1). When you click on a gift that's not yet available after opening the gift for today, you see the number of hours remaining till you can open the next one.

The game list is going to be refreshed weekly during the event in this forum post, so you can keep track of the games that have been released.
And that's it. ;)

List of released games:
1st December : La Marche du Crabe
2nd December : Hydroracers
3rd December : Reflection
4th December : Lifeline
5th December : Look at the Stars
6th December : Chicago Express
7th December : Obsession
8th December : Tiny Farms
9th December : Tic Tac Match
10th December : Kraken Up
11th December : Seikatsu
12th December : Draft Cider
13th December : Ekonos
14th December : Cat Café
15th December : Art Thief
16th December : Trusis
17th December : My First Castle Panic
18th December : Worldwide Tennis
19th December : Dinner in Paris
20th December : Kingdoms
21th December : Caverna
22th December : Tinner's Trail
23th December : Minhwatu
24th December : Yoxii
25th December : Pier 18
26th December : Bandada
27th December : Soulaween
28th December : War Chest
29th December : Space Empires
30th December : Sensei
31th December : Mercado de Lisboa

That's pretty much it!
Thanks for your time and enjoy your daily gifts :)
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Re: Winter of Games 2022 Calendar!

Post by CheeseEater3000 »

:o :D :D :D :o
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Re: Winter of Games 2022 Calendar!

Post by Shoboshi »


Can you make and put Shadow Hunters on the Winter of Games Calendar please ? We want Shadow hunters on board game for pity !

Love you XOXO
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Re: Winter of Games 2022 Calendar!

Post by Carlosisanarchy »

Do we have to log in daily to be able to play the games? is there a post anywhere explaining this event?
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Re: Winter of Games 2022 Calendar!

Post by pbadics »

You don't have to log in daily to play them. At least not if it is like the previous event like this. Which I believe was Summer Games.

Bunch of games I'm hoping to see this time too. Can't wait to see what pops up. ^_^
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Re: Winter of Games 2022 Calendar!

Post by Powerhouse »

Are the games coming to here Alpha or Beta games? Or are they completely new?
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Re: Winter of Games 2022 Calendar!

Post by chimer51 »

[Fr] NON !
Il y a plus.

Demain sera également le 1er jour du CALENDRIER D'HIVER !

Comment ça marche ?
Comme le calendrier d'été. Mais que faire si vous n'êtes pas passé sur BGA cet été ?
Laissez-moi vous expliquer en quelques mots :
- Sur la PAGE D'ACCUEIL, vous trouverez un calendrier affiché du 1er décembre au 31 décembre, pour 31 jours. (Sur mobile, il faut faire défiler la page pour le trouver).
- Chaque jour, il y a un nouveau cadeau à ouvrir en cliquant. Il vous montrera la sortie quotidienne du jeu. Cela signifie 31 jeux à ouvrir.
- Si vous ouvrez chacun d'entre eux, en cliquant chaque jour sur le cadeau du jour, vous débloquerez des trophées spécifiques.
- Les premiers trophées sont faciles à obtenir, mais venir chaque jour pour ouvrir chacun d'entre eux est un vrai défi.
- Il n'y a rien de plus que la joie de découvrir un nouveau jeu sorti chaque jour. Et de se vanter de vos trophées exclusifs.

Si vous êtes prêt à relever le défi, ça commence... MAINTENANT !
Et ce post du forum vous tiendra au courant chaque semaine de nos sorties !

There is more.

Tomorrow will also be the 1st day of the WINTER CALENDAR!

How it works ?
Like the summer calendar. But what if you haven't switched to BGA this summer?
Let me explain in a few words:
- On the HOME PAGE, you will find a calendar displayed from December 1 to December 31, for 31 days. (On mobile, you have to scroll down the page to find it).
- Every day there is a new gift to open by clicking. It will show you daily game release. It means 31 games to open.
- If you open each of them, by clicking each day on the gift of the day, you will unlock specific trophies.
- The first trophies are easy to get, but coming every day to open each one is a real challenge.
- There is nothing more than the joy of discovering a new game released every day. And brag about your exclusive trophies.

If you're up for the challenge, it starts... NOW!
And this forum post will keep you updated every week on our releases!

Source : Garden Nation, News
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Re: Winter of Games 2022 Calendar!

Post by T72on1 »

Powerhouse wrote: 01 December 2022, 09:17 Are the games coming to here Alpha or Beta games? Or are they completely new?
Almost always from beta, sometimes alpha. Sometimes, if it's a big name that they want to keep secret, I think it can also come from private alpha.
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Re: Winter of Games 2022 Calendar!

Post by TempusF5 »

Do we have to play at least once in this newly discovered game? Or is clicking/tapping on "open today's gift" enough?
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Re: Winter of Games 2022 Calendar!

Post by Maurod73 »

Hi I think there should be somewhere that says what is the challenge you need to pass but I've noticed that my achievement page disappeared so I believe we will know more later in the day...
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