Not being able to see the last trick played

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Not being able to see the last trick played

Post by Goldenaxe »

Playing this in turn based mode currently.
I noticed that the game log doesnt show the cards played (like most - if not all - trick taking games on here do), and when I play back the history since my last turn, I only get to see (at a very quick glance) the last card played by each player.
A player playing after me in the previous trick may win the trick though, and therefore play first on the next trick, which means he played two cards since my last card, but I’m only shown the last card played, so I completely miss seeing the card he played in the previous trick.
Am I missing something? Wonder if I should post this as a bug, as it seems to be break the implementation…
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Re: Not being able to see the last trick played

Post by LaszloK »

There's an option to log every card played - which should really be always on for turn-based games, and (mostly) off for real-time games. Maybe there's a way to force it to always be on for turn-based? Anyway, until that happens, something to remember when setting up / accepting turn-based tables. Do feel free to submit a suggestion (then again, don't hold your breath, I'm not sure when I'll have time to even take a look).
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