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by DrKarotte
15 October 2020, 10:14
Forum: Yahtzee
Topic: the program of the yatzy
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Re: the program of the yatzy

It is quite clear that some BGA developper wants him to lose. And the best is, he even does not have to make him lose in fact, as he already believes it.
by DrKarotte
01 October 2020, 19:25
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Übersetzung
Replies: 11
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Re: Übersetzung

Geht bei mir auch nicht.
by DrKarotte
20 September 2020, 17:43
Forum: Yahtzee
Topic: this game is super rigged
Replies: 51
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Re: this game is super rigged

If it would be some kind of app where you play against AI - ok, that would worth to observe. But here on BGA: Why should there be something in the code which causes the game to favor your opponents? It is strange to even think about that. Another thing is the gereral quality of the random generator....
by DrKarotte
19 September 2020, 09:10
Forum: Diam's
Topic: Special cards
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Re: Special cards

A diamond from your hand, as far as I know.
by DrKarotte
13 September 2020, 22:11
Forum: Thermopyles
Topic: HOW do I start a One Player Game???
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Re: HOW do I start a One Player Game???

Are you using "play with friends" feature?
Usually you just create a table and click on "start game" button...
by DrKarotte
10 September 2020, 18:26
Forum: Eruption
Topic: Using action cards
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Re: Using action cards

As far as I know you get 1 piece of wall indicated on the card, but just for your pool, not to be placed immediately.
by DrKarotte
05 July 2020, 19:09
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Blokus
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Re: Blokus

Blokus probably won't be possible due to licensing.
by DrKarotte
26 June 2020, 18:37
Forum: Tea Time
Topic: Is there's a list somewhere of all the cards?
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Re: Is there's a list somewhere of all the cards?

It's all in the rules, isn't it?

60 cards + Alice. The starting player has Alice on his hand at the beginning.

3 player games: 2 cards of each character are removed.
by DrKarotte
21 June 2020, 18:14
Forum: Developers
Topic: First Timer Fixing Troyes Bug
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Re: First Timer Fixing Troyes Bug

Accodring to the game page, Troyes has been developped by BGA. The code of these games is usually not available (on studio). Pehaps the project you copied is already the attempt to copy the original? I don't know.

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