Farewell & new horizons

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Farewell & new horizons

Post by Een »

Dear Board Game Arena community,

After 12 years spent developing Board Game Arena first as a hobby, then as a full time job, today the time has come for me to become just a regular player with standard dice rolls ;)

What a time it has been! When I joined Sourisdudesert in 2010 to found this website, I was very far from imagining that it would become what it is today, gathering such a large and diverse community of board games enthusiasts from the whole world.

I am proud to have taken part in bringing this project to maturity, and I am really happy to hand it down to a passionate and competent team. I'm completely confident that they will continue to grow this service towards its full potential, allowing the community to thrive around our shared love for board games, first because they are passionate board gamers themselves, and second because this handing down is purely symbolic: they have actually been running the site for a while now, and they are doing an awesome job.

Looking to the past, what have I learned?

- Do not wait to be perfect before starting something. Feedback is key to improve and grow.

- Whatever you do, you will meet criticism. Some of it will be harsh. You may think you are ready, but you are not. Don't take it personally, and bother only with constructive criticism. If some criticism is not useful, don't bother about it: when someone is ranting, it's about them, not you.

- If you do something that has value, people will use it. That's the best measurement of success you can look for. People who are happy with what you create won't necessarily say so, but they will use it, and it's the best compliment there is.

- If you allow people to contribute to something they love, they will. Opening up BGA to contributions from the community has not been easy or obvious, but allowed it to grow into so much more than what could have been done with a closed ecosystem.

- Things can change really quickly, and you never know what can happen. Early 2020, after ten years, about 180 games had been released on BGA with a core team of two people. Only two years later, close to 600 games are now available, more than 100 are in alpha being polished in preparation for their time to shine, and the core team managing the website has grown up to 10 people. We were not ready for that of course. In the Spring of 2020 we got really close to burnout while scaling up the service so that people could continue playing during these exceptional circumstances. We were not ready, but we somehow managed, and the support and love we got in return from the community has been incredible.

Along the years, it has been a privilege to meet so many passionate people - publishers, designers, illustrators, software developers, translators, community moderators, alpha game reviewers, tutorial makers, and of course players - and to enable them to share their passion online, especially when distance or circumstances would not allow them the joy to meet around a physical table.

I would also like to tip my hat at Sourisdudesert, who has been the driving force and the relentless motivation for this adventure. Board Game Arena wouldn't have been born without his entrepreneurial spirit, wouldn't have stayed afloat without his willingness to deal with the dreaded chore of accounting, and maybe more than anything else, his talent for April fool's jokes hitting the sweet spot of fun verging on the almost credible never ceased to amaze me :D

Looking to the future, what's next?

Before switching jobs in 2010 and at about the same time starting BGA on the side as a hobby, I had been thinking about taking a sabbatical year. 2023 seems to be a good opportunity to catch up on this intention of taking a career break. I plan to use this time first to visit family and friends, then to travel and study some foreign languages. One of the aspects of BGA I definitely enjoyed the most was its international dimension, connecting people, languages and cultures together.

And of course, I'll still be around playing some of my favourite games, and discovering new ones! I'm also impatient to see the new features and improvements currently in the works get rolled out for everyone to enjoy.

I wish you all good games. Play fair, have fun, and don't begrudge your opponents their lucky rolls! :D


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Re: Farewell & new horizons

Post by T72on1 »

This is certainly big news! Thank you for all that you have done for BGA, for us, the users. You can be proud of what you have been part of.

Good luck with whatever direction your life will take you.
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Re: Farewell & new horizons

Post by thoun »

Thanks for all you did for us, enjoy your break, and good luck with standard dice rolls !
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Re: Farewell & new horizons

Post by sorryimlikethis »

Thank you for your contributions to this wonderful website, and best of luck with the next stage of your life :)
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Re: Farewell & new horizons

Post by RicardoRix »

gg. thx for everything.
You'll finally have time to sharpen your Bombay strategies and tactics.

Happy future dice rolls.
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Re: Farewell & new horizons

Post by Shobu »

Are you the "Gregory" who announced an upcoming leave on "Un monde de jeux" video? Or another BGA team member?
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Re: Farewell & new horizons

Post by Een »

@all thanks for the feedback and wishes!

@Shobu: thanks for asking, indeed I should have made that clear. I am Emmanuel, co-founder of BGA with Gregory. I added my first name as a signature to the post to clarify.
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Re: Farewell & new horizons

Post by Ez0ah »

Thx for all the passionate work that allowed this site to exist. Good luck in your future adventures
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Re: Farewell & new horizons

Post by Saci1130 »

Thank you for all! BGA is one of the best things ever existed on the internet. Playing online provides almost the same experience as offline - the feelings, the excitement, often the community as well. I am really grateful for what you've created and I am proud to help the BGA Team.
Wishing you all the best in life!
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Re: Farewell & new horizons

Post by frogstar_A »

Thank you for all that you have done. BGA was so important in the pandemic lockdowns to keeping us all happy and mentally OK, you have done a great service.

It’s sad that you have had harsh criticisms but your words are wise - the silent majority love your work and will continue to do so even now you yourself have moved on.
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