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by Cappie
19 February 2019, 15:32
Forum: Discussions
Topic: E:mail Notification of Messages
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Re: E:mail Notification of Messages

Hello, We do not send email for discussion around a game table. However, we do send emails when someone send you a private message, which is normal :) Cheers, Sorry to react on a very old message. But is there a way I can change it so that I do not receive an email when someone sends me a private m...
by Cappie
19 February 2019, 08:26
Forum: Can't Stop
Topic: Everyone play at same time
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Re: Everyone play at same time

You can play "at the same time" in two different ways. First is really play at the same time, the button smash game. You don't have to wait for anyone, really real time. The second way is that the turns are all at the same time. So you all play a turn untill you stop or can't play anymore....
by Cappie
12 February 2019, 12:25
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Leaving a game with abusive language
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Re: Leaving a game with abusive language

N_Faker wrote:Give active players at the table the ability to mute the table, maybe?

Yes, that would be the best way to solve this problem.
Make a button so you can ignore the chat from that person and/or ignore the chat in total.
by Cappie
10 January 2019, 10:52
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Remove the notification "no table to play"
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Remove the notification "no table to play"

I don't know what the English notification is precisely, but it even comes up when there are tables to play at. And it is taking a "long" time for it to disappear. Could the notification be removed? I also think it is a little unnecessary. I can see for myself that I have no table to play ...
by Cappie
02 November 2018, 13:22
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Improved statistics
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Re: Improved statistics

Me too.
But maybe only after there are a certain number of games played of that game in total and by you.
by Cappie
30 October 2018, 16:18
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: BGA Premium and Rank
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Re: BGA Premium and Rank

So the recommendation on this is that if many interpretations are possible, always choose the most positive one to follow up on. People should also implement this in real life... :D If many interpretations are possible, please always choose the most positive one to follow up on. Life would be so mu...
by Cappie
22 October 2018, 11:30
Forum: Stone Age
Topic: cheating
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Re: cheating

someone with i played with(- Jazzyxie) trows al the time high numbers with the dice is this normal ??? Yes it is. Or rather, it could be. The dice don't remember what someone has thrown. It is possible to throw only 6's. So please don't refer to it as cheating. How could someone cheat on a website?...
by Cappie
04 October 2018, 14:07
Forum: Hypnosia
Topic: Earlier game end
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Re: Earlier game end

It is a serious flaw in the game. I have had a game just like that once, with myself in your position. There is no reason for me to go in the middle. And no reason for the other player to take the last spots in the center. The only way to end this is if you can cross a bridge and score the last poin...
by Cappie
01 September 2018, 09:28
Forum: 7 Wonders
Topic: 7 wonders - orientation of trading posts
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Re: 7 wonders - orientation of trading posts

So I feel the game screws me over a bit because I actually have the visual ability to know my directions regardless of the view. I have to reorient my brain to think of the other players as being behind me, so that the "left" player is to the back left over my left shoulder. That's a pret...
by Cappie
26 August 2018, 19:33
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: A balanced way of fixing starving strategy in stone age
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Re: A balanced way of fixing starving strategy in stone age

In my opinion you are making way to Much assumptions About the pointscoring without any real data backing that up.

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