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by failedatquittingBGA
13 September 2019, 15:43
Forum: BGA release notes
Topic: New BGA lobby Frequently Asked Questions
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Re: New BGA lobby Frequently Asked Questions

I generally think the changes are good (expand all has made the manual lobby way better), but I have a few issues: 1. I think this set up is poor for trying new games that I have never played. My former way of picking new games to play is to scour the turn based list for fast paced games with lower ...
by failedatquittingBGA
14 August 2019, 00:00
Forum: Kingdomino
Topic: blue and green
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Re: blue and green

The best way to get any enhancements for a game is to submit a bug. It looks like someone else already did this:

I added this thread to the info and upvoted it, but more people upvoting the bug will help the developer of the game see your suggestions.
by failedatquittingBGA
13 August 2019, 13:17
Forum: BGA release notes
Topic: New trophy awarding screen
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Re: New trophy awarding screen

I find this pretty annoying. Will there be a way to disable this screen?
by failedatquittingBGA
01 August 2019, 17:33
Forum: 6 nimmt!
Topic: Which card did I select?
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Re: Which card did I select?

This has always bugged me too, so I posted a bug about it: Feel free to go upvote it if you agree :)

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