Deer seem too strong in 2 Player

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Re: Deer seem too strong in 2 Player

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Stockomator wrote: 30 January 2024, 12:34 Have to agree with the general sentiment of the thread.
I really, really like the game. Beautiful art, appealing theme, a lot of very nice ideas mechanically.
Still I lost enjoyment to play it at 2 players to the point that I stopped playing at that count completely.
Deer/wolf just scales too well at this count. There is no counter play, as every deer/wolf will be instantly picked anyways by anyone but the newest of players. The fact that more cards are removed at that count actually enforces it, as it affects every other strategy as well but deer are so strong individually that it's almost always worth picking them anyways.
I might not be experiences enough to see the error in this thoughts but just the mathematical facts seem rather overwhelming:
- Wolves value/price is beyond anything else in the game by a long shot if you even got 2 deers
- there are two cards scaling directly with deer, which is probably the main reason it outperforms so strongly at 2 players (most cards per player)
- Roe deer are just very good on their own, if you have at least one other card in the color their price/value also is great and you have the option to lean into their color

Sure, those cards all need color combos to get full value, but theres usually more than enough time in 2 player games to just wait till you can conveniently pick the necessary colours up.
Still totally agree with this. I've noticed this since it first was released months ago, and I still agree.
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