Is there a hoarders list?

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Re: Is there a hoarders list?

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PegasusDragon1 wrote: 15 May 2024, 12:17 I’m in one of these matches right now. I have no gold or pearls. And EVERY card in the display has pearls. He set me up this way and then the game just isn’t fun. This will be my last match of this. Thanks for ruining the fun.
I saw the game. Why blame the player for playing optimally? The position was right for it so he went ahead and used the winning strategy. You are ruining the fun by blaming people for trying to master the game as well. If anyone is at fault it's the designer who allowed this to be a winning strategy. And that's subjective too. I personally find it very interesting how players should balance efficency with pearl and gold hoarding. Otherwise there would be no "catch up" mechanism and whoever got ahead early would always win.
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