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Elo points

Post by ollyfish2002 » 06 June 2018, 18:29

Always the same problem: Elo points are not given for perfect score.
See this game result : https://fr.4.boardgamearena.com/hanabi?table=40978449
We have high elo (mean elo 905) we manage to score 30 against the deck and we do not get any points.
I think the scoring system for hanabi should be reviewed especially when i see elo higher than 1000 for 2-players games that are abandonned if score is not perfect.
How elo can go up to more 1000 without cheating if perfect score is not rewarded ?
Why perfect score obtained by 3 players is scored zero ?
Why abandonned games should not be counted as negative to reduce elo boosting, as silene proposed elsewhere in the forum?

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Re: Elo points

Post by Isdariel » 10 July 2018, 20:36

High incentive to abandon is the real problem. Zero points for score 30 is fine. It's basically the games version of saying "comon, this is too easy for you, try something else".

ALWAYS awarding elo on a perfect score also has a few problems.

1. It would mean that at some point, you should start playing 5 colors games, since it's easier to achieve a perfect score there.
2. You could theoretically reach unlimited ELO scores even while playing fair (without abandoning) if you are good enough - assuming +1 ELO for a perfect score, winning 10 perfect games per 1 bombed out game would be enough to gain limitless ELO. The current system is better balanced - It rubberbands your ELO to your actual skilllevel (assuming no abandoning): The better you are, the harder it is to gain more points, and the more punishing a subpar outcome.

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Re: Elo points

Post by N_Faker » 10 July 2018, 21:06


1. Remove all ELO loss
2. Hide victories and win percentage
3. Hide Rankings
4. Add an ELO hard cap
5. Set anyone above that cap to the cap limit
Far more blame is placed on co-players in cooperative games. Hanabi on this site isn't ranked, yet still displays rankings and ELO.
... there are a whole lot of Hanabi player reports, for the most asinine things.

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Re: Elo points

Post by pinkyandthebrain » 12 July 2018, 12:32

If there was a ceiling ELO there would be no way to flag up players who abandon the challenging games where a perfect score is unlikely when actually these more challenging games improve our play and are more fun than a mundane easy win imho.

Would it also be possible to dock elo or kharma if a player bombs three consecutives turns as it is highly unlikely to be genuine errors and most likely to be an anti social rage bomber?

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