Math Problem or Wasting Our Time?

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Thrill Kill
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Math Problem or Wasting Our Time?

Postby Thrill Kill » 16 August 2018, 00:55

It is curious how some players always click on every tool when the tool does not increase production of wood, clay, stone, or gold.

For example,

1) Player has 2 tools and rolls dice total of 6 for wood. 6 = 2 wood. 6 + 2 < 9. Player has no meople remaining for production.


2) this same player who is rolling dice for wood (as above example) does NOT use the tools IF player also has food gathering meoples remaining to roll.

To my opinion a player who does both 1 and 2 above proves that they do understand not to waste 2 tools for 0 wood...and also proves that they waste game time for no purpose.

If this is the biggest worry for my day, then I am a happy person, but players who do this time waste are bothersome :)

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Jest Phulin
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Re: Math Problem or Wasting Our Time?

Postby Jest Phulin » 16 August 2018, 09:54

Some people just habitually click all tools when rolling for their last meeples, regardless of effect. A used tool may not increase production, but an unused tool never will. ;)

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CB Droege
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Re: Math Problem or Wasting Our Time?

Postby CB Droege » 16 August 2018, 10:21

That's me. If I'm on my last dice roll for the turn, I'll just click all of the tools just in case I miscounted and more tools might have helped. They can't hurt.

Thrill Kill
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Re: Math Problem or Wasting Our Time?

Postby Thrill Kill » 18 August 2018, 19:46

Some player click useless tool, think..., click the other useless tool. They are not deficient in math because they know to not do this if the have remaining food workers. It is a waste of time. The computer will not magically think, "Ok, only this 1 time I will make 6 + 2 = 9 and give 1 more wood to this time waster.

Any player who can sign up and sign in and touch keys on computer should not be unable to do the simplest of 4-yr old's math ;)

It is a silly waste of time to do this many times during the game.

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Re: Math Problem or Wasting Our Time?

Postby N_Faker » 18 August 2018, 20:22

It takes less time to just click the remaining tools instead of considering the numbers and only then click on the tools accordingly.

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Re: Math Problem or Wasting Our Time?

Postby Liallan » 21 August 2018, 03:30

Has it occurred to you that they are just screwing up, not paying close enough attention, etc? Apparently the idea that people aren't your definition of perfect has not occurred to you.

I do this myself. The main reason is because I'm used to playing this at Yucata where we can Undo turns, so I just sort of start clicking and when I realize I don't need that last tool, I can undo that move if I need it for something else. If I don't need it for something else, it's not hurting anything and I leave it. So that habit carries over to here.

The other reason is sometimes just not paying attention. If I need those tools for more than one thing, I stop and think more carefully. But if I'm doing my only/last dice roll, then it doesn't matter. And it's far easier to keep clicking than it is to stop and thinking about the cost of whatever I'm getting and how much more I need and whether another tool will be useful. Really, it's easier to just click on it.

And it's not because I can't do 4th grade math! That's got nothing to do with it. And I doubt people are just purposely wasting your time.

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