Apocalypse at the Zoo of Carson City

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Apocalypse at the Zoo of Carson City

Post by Een » 25 June 2018, 10:54

We have the dubious pleasure to announce that the end of the world has been triggered today on BGA! Apocalypse at the Zoo of Carson City, a game from Alexandre Droit and Florent Toscano illustrated by Guillaume Griffon and published by Jeux Opla, is now wreaking havoc online!

Play it now!

This game has some real storytelling behind it, since its background is set in the eponymous comic series by Guillaume Griffon (yes, even during the apocalypse, we can still use words like "eponymous", it scares the bad things away). But, well, long story short, that's an apocalypse. You know the drill. Mutants. Scary music. Bites. Hit, hack, slash, shoot, run, survive (or not). With the added twist that you are trying to save some (cute or scary?) animals from the Zoo. Because there is no good apocalypse without some added challenge.

So, you have a team, and they are badasses. But there are other teams, and you'll need to compete with them, because alliances only go so far. At some point, you can't be friendly with everyone. Otherwise, there would not have been an apocalypse in the first place, duh? So you'll try to get as many points as possible by saving animals and smashing mutants and other teams. Yes, even the apocalypse has victory points.

On your turn, either you send one of your characters into the Zoo (a 5 by 5 card grid of mutants and animals) or you move one of your characters already in the Zoo. You collect the card you move onto, but if it's not an animal card (those are safe), you can happen on a really nice mutant eager to demonstrate its affection that bites you and then you are fried. Also, you can only waste other characters if they are the same strength as you or weaker (always safer to attack weaker things; the weaker the better). So placement will be pretty important to block your opponents and get as many juicy cards as possible. Then you'll run from danger only to fall in the arms of a warm-hearted mutant. Feel the adrenaline yet?

Apocalypse at the Zoo of Carson City is a fast to learn, fun to play, athmosphere laden game! We think you'll have a lot of fun playing it.

We would like to thank Jeux Opla for their authorization to spread the apocalypse on the interwebs, and also Dominique (Buck13) who made us discover and love this game :)

Apocalypse at the Zoo of Carson City has been developed using BGA Sandbox. This tool is still alive and has reached a new, intermediary stage: it has been deployed on BGA Studio as a tool for developers to create new games (here is the announcement to developers for those of you interested in reading more about this). We hope that this will help us polish the toolset while bringing new games to the BGA community. Time will tell!

And now, don't let that Apocalypse wait for you any longer!



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