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Rules Clarification

Post by Klope3 »

The only rules I have found for Blooms are the "ultra short rules" provided on Nick Bentley's website. But these rules are so short that, to me, they are almost cryptic. I'd like to use this thread to get some clarification.

Just two questions for now:
1. Under what circumstances is a bloom considered "captured?" Surely not all fenced blooms are captured; that would mean you could place a yellow stone, surround it with your red stones, and get a point from capturing your own stone. Is a bloom only captured when it is fenced by ONLY by enemy stones? Mostly by enemy stones? How does this work?

2. What happens if you place a stone such that it would be instantly captured? I believe this is called "suicide" in Go, and is illegal in that game. Does your opponent instantly capture the stone? What if placing the stone would result in capturing the surrounding enemy stones? Do the enemy stones get captured instead?
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Re: Rules Clarification

Post by A-dam »


to answer your both questions you just need to remember only one hint: at the end of your turn, only opponent fenced blooms are captured.

That means:
1 you cannot score your own stones
2 suicide is possible, but it happen at the end of opponent turn
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Re: Rules Clarification

Post by El Poopo »

Designer here. What Adam says is right. The rules are exactly as written.
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