Played Card History?

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Played Card History?

Post by Mr_Magic » 27 January 2020, 10:45


Is there any easier way to see the history of played cards when coming back toi take your turn? I see there is a pile represented on screen,. is there a way to view it';s contents rather than scrolling back through the game history?

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Enkidu of Abydos
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Re: Played Card History?

Post by Enkidu of Abydos » 20 April 2020, 02:33

I think it's a rule in this game, even in real life, that you MUST NOT look through the common deck/pile, you're supposed to remember the actions other players played and your own actions. So it's partly a memory game. That being said I often let people look through the pile when they're still learning to play... But the online game is likely programmed according to official rules and so doesn't allow looking through the common deck/pile.

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